Common Reasons Patients Need Dental Extractions
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Common Reasons Patients Need Dental Extractions

Common Reasons Patients Need Dental Extractions

As a general rule, Dr. Yuchen Sheng always tries to use the best tools and dental treatments to save your teeth and prevent extraction.

But in some cases, a tooth may be impossible to save. Check out this short blog post to learn some of the most common reasons why people might need a tooth extraction.

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Typical Signs Pointing to Tooth Extraction

It’s almost impossible to know which type of dental treatment you need before speaking to a dentist and having an oral exam. 

However, these symptoms may strongly suggest that you need a tooth extraction:

  • Severe dental pain and swelling
  • A badly discolored tooth that also loosens
  • A severe pain when you apply pressure to the tooth, such as while eating.
  • Oral bleeding
  • Gum retraction, etc. 

Note that even if you experience these symptoms, you may still have other treatment options. Your dentist is the only one who can confirm whether a tooth needs to be extracte

Common Reasons a Tooth Is Extracted

Here are some common cases when a tooth could require extraction:

  • Tooth decay: Severe cases of decay or even infection could mean your tooth has lost too much tissue and cannot be restored with a filling or dental crown. The only optimal treatment here is extraction.
  • Gum disease: Advanced gum disease causes the gum tissue to pull back and even loosen a tooth. The damage is often irreparable, and in serious cases, your natural teeth might need to be removed.
  • Overcrowding: Tooth extraction can sometimes be a prep procedure for patients with overcrowded teeth. A tooth is removed to make more room on the arch before the patient goes through braces to straighten their teeth.
  • Impaction: This means a tooth (usually the wisdom tooth) is trapped under the gums and cannot erupt properly, leading to other complications like swelling or jaw locking;
  • Trauma: A direct blow to the mouth, a fall, or other types of accidents could break the tooth. Sometimes the damage is fixable, but not always.

Is a Tooth Extraction an Emergency?

In some cases, yes. If you’re experiencing extreme pain, swelling, or discomfort, then you most likely have a dental emergency on your hands.

Your dentist will do everything they can to preserve your tooth, but if it’s impacting your overall health and causing you severe pain, they may recommend an extraction. Extractions are a common emergency procedure since, by the time your symptoms get severe, the tooth is most often beyond saving. 

Even if you’re not sure if you need emergency dental care, we recommend calling us at (203) 375-3068 as soon as possible for immediate help.

Getting a Tooth Extracted at Stratford Smiles

If extraction is truly necessary, Dr. Yuchen Sheng will make sure your tooth is pulled out safely and without pain. 

Request an appointment at Stratford Smiles online and stop by our office to restore your oral health.

If you require emergency oral health treatments, call us at (203) 375-3068 to get immediate advice on how to manage your situation safely.

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